Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm Lovin' my new layout!


I finished my final exams for this sem. yayyy!!!


I am worried sick! I'm not confident with my 2 papers---Pesticide Science & Experimental Design. I might got F!! I mean, Super F!! Darn~
Whateva~ For now, I need to concentrate with my holidays! Can't wait to meet him, family and besties!! huuhu~~ (tho I only have my holiday for 1 week ++, I will, I MUST enjoy habis2an! ahakz! )

So, LIMBANG, here I come.
Like people always said, there's no place like HOME! ;))

Friday, November 13, 2009


I hate Pesticide Science!
I hate it so much!
I hate it more than I hate frog!(ok, I just simply said frog, can't think any thing that I hate)
I think I'm goin' to fail this paper. T____T

Dear God,
Pls let me pass this exam. I beg you O Lord!
I don't want to extend!

Oh, LORD...

Right now,
at this very moment,
all I need is a...



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exam sickness!

Exam week totally drives me crazy. I bet it goes the same for those who's taking exam too! kan3? heh! When I'm so stressed in memorising my note, I went crazy. Here goes,

Action #1:

I'm too tired and sleepy to go on with my notes. @_@
So, I asked my pet turtle, Gucci to replace me. Lol!

Action #2:

Hahahahhahaha! One of my good friend, Myma post one of her pic in FB and she did something like this. Then, the person that have been tagged in her pic have to the same act. So, i thought, why not and walahh! my super stupid pic with a pen stucked
between my nose and lips (lekat untuk sementara jak arr, not permanently stucked! ngee~)

Action #3:

Yes! It's hurt.
Actually, I already got this piercing during matrix, but I took it off for 1 year ++ already.
BUT then, I was annoyed by the itchiness (because it clogged, i think) and so I took one of my earing and.......hmm, you know what happen after u saw the pic above,kan? hehe.
So, that's all for my crazy behaviour (for now). Hehh.

Well, go on with other stuffs. Hmm, studying makes me to think a lot (in other word, DREAMING). And that's when I'm starting to think and miss lotsa things. Hmmp, when comes to missing issues, recently I really miss the moments that I've spent in SPF during my Industrial traning!!

The 4 of us from Unimas

With UPM Serdang friends (excluding Wes), from L to R: Gerald, Wes, Jency, YB & Joey

Sarah from UPMKB. I miss to hear her singing. ;(

spending our precious moments at Kamijan waterfall

My besties during L.I. Oh, I miss them! ; (

ok, that's all for now.!
2 down, 3 to go.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Oh, Arlene, you only got few hours left. Your next paper is 9am tomorrow morning.
*slap!slap!on the face*

Dear God, Help me, please.
Enlighten my mind and help me to think clearly.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Yap! Final exam is coming soon.
So, got no time to post anything here.
Anyway, good luck & all the best to all my friends.
Do well in ur papers! Gambateh! ^_^

p.s: if u peeps got dean list for this sem, don't forget to...