Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I finished my final exams for this sem. yayyy!!!


I am worried sick! I'm not confident with my 2 papers---Pesticide Science & Experimental Design. I might got F!! I mean, Super F!! Darn~
Whateva~ For now, I need to concentrate with my holidays! Can't wait to meet him, family and besties!! huuhu~~ (tho I only have my holiday for 1 week ++, I will, I MUST enjoy habis2an! ahakz! )

So, LIMBANG, here I come.
Like people always said, there's no place like HOME! ;))

2 ppl say what?:

khairul onggon said...

limbang? sekali jak seumo idup kmk penah pegi sia.. kelak mok dtg gik eh..

XxrLyn_rAwksxX said...

datang...boh x datang..