Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh God, I need Oxygen!

"Sorry Sir, I can't be polite. I just can't resist it!" (turn my head to the other side, closing my nose with my jacket & yes, I'm hardly to breathe. T__T )
Argh! I just can't understand it. There's a thing so called the DEODORANT, and yet people don't want to use it?! HELLO?? There's an unpleasant smell (Okay, I'm trying to be polite here. so please.) coming out from your body. And to be more specific, your ARMPIT! a.k.a ketiak. Sigh!

Today, I was on the bus ( off to Sibu). At first, it was a relieved. There's no one sitting next to me. So, I'm happy with it. Well, you know, get to conquer the two sits by my own. :)


as the bus stopped at Serian station, there was a guy, middle-aged man, walked into the bus. And I was, "please don't let this guy sit next to me. PLEASE~~~~~" Sadly, he took the sit next to me and sat there. Darn. And then, the worse thing happened, the B.O!!! (Body Order- the unpleasant smell produced by body) T_T Only God knows how and what I felt. Sigh!

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