Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just please!

I've been busy. extremely busy. damn so tired.
Thanks to:-

1) Final year project-- OT (overtime for 2 days)
Thank you, supervisor; for making my experiment all went wrong. Okay, partially, it's my fault too. I should have checked it first. T__T Now, I have to it all over again. Need extra work la ni. Darn!

2) Lab report--- busy editing, the thing that make me sick is, the report should be hand-written! -_-"

Hey you ( 1st you), please don't pass your cakar ayam words to me and expect me to re-write it for you. WTF? You think I'm a free-writer hah? Well, I'm not! I think you better write it yourself next time, I bet you won't hurt your fingers if you write it your own. Secondly, if you ( 2nd you) want to do the calculation, please do it properly (because I do the discussion all by myself already, which you are suppose to do it together with me, so please be thankful!). Thanks to your "good" calculation, I have to re-do the results and calculate it again.

Peeps ( my pathetic lovely group members) , pleaseeee don't let me do your work. Obviously, it's a group work. So, pleaseeee do your part properly. Don't think I'm so free to do all the work---re-write, re-calculate, re-do, & etc. I have my own part too. I'm a busy girl-not-yet-a-women, just like you all. So, pleaseeeeee, I'm begging you, don't make my life miserable by doing you all punya work!!! Sighed!

p/s: so sorry for all my stupid rude words. I really can't stand it anymore. So, I just spill it all out here. So,

thank you very much.

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