Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's been awhile I didn't post anything here. Kesian blogie. Oh, well, kinda busy, I guess. Nah! I'm lazy actually. haha! Okay, back to my crapping world.

Let's get my crap started;

1. I need $$$ so bad! I'm totally broke! -__-
2. I'm really craving for new dresses and wedges! $$$$, where are you??? :'(
3. I had a fringe, & it makes me RIMAS! (tu la, sapa suh gatal p gunting. iskhh!)
4. I hate assignments and reports!
5. I hate myself for not starting to do my thesis writing, not even a word. Dang!
6. Final is coming, SOON! & I'm not even ready! Grrr~

Ok, that's all for now. thankyouverymuch! peace.

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