Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thank you.

I miss you, bloggie! Do not get mad, I am a busy girl you know. Ok, itu hanyalah alasan semata-mata. haha! ok, the reason me to write this post is (pelu ka mok skema dak tok? hahah, watev~), anyway..

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to my dear good friend of mine. Everytime I'm in trouble and needed help, she's always there, and I know she is trying her very best to help me. She's been helping me a lot this past 2 years ( there are a lot, so there's no need for me to list it down, hee). I knew her for almost 3 years now. She's a good, kind, sweet, straight forward person, and most importantly, a very good friend. Terima kasih. Xie xie. Toche. Arigatou gozaimasu. Thank you for being such a good friend to me. Thank you.

Hey, It's hard to find a good person nowadays. Trust me, it's hard! Oh well, most people now are more on their selfishness, greediness and not forgetting, being mean (some sort of means girls that you used to watch in movies) all the time. No doubt bout this, frankly speaking, sometimes I'm one of that kind of person. BUT not all the time. Hahaa! (boleh cayak ka?hehe) p/s: I'm a human being ok, it's for sure I cannot run from doing the bad things you know. kan kan kan?! hee! but I know for sure, I won't back stab my friends, and I do appreciate and love them all! :)

So, for all my good friends out there, I would like to say, Thank you!!! for being such a good good GOOOOOD friend, and as for the so-called-backstabber-selfish-ikan masin taik idung-friends, do have a good life. May God bless you all.

Like a friend of mine ever said to me, " A friend in need is a friend indeed". Ok, till then, that's all from me for now. :)

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