Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another boring weekend

I hate staring at my lappy 24 hours without doing nothing, and it staring back at me; which make me feel like an idiot nerd. Plus, the internet line is pretty damn stupid! Every few minutes, it will disconnected by itself. Pfft.

U-life supposed to be great! But turned out my U-life wasn't so great. Every weekend, me & Hui Lay (my housemate) will stuck here; bored to death, keep thinking of things that we should do, watching the same movies over and over again, begging for internet line (when there's no any line here), sleeping until we're overslept, & etc. :( But we're glad to have each other, if not, we sure are BORING. Thank you, Hui lay. I know you are sleeping right now ( Opps, kantoi la pulak u tido. Haha!), but I would like to say thank you for being here with me. :)

Oh, how I wish I had a car; so I can go out from this fuckin' bored place. Sighed. And and and, I wish I have a lot $$$, though I don't have any car, I still can rent a car. But too bad, my budget is getting low. T___T

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