Monday, January 4, 2010


Its a new year already! huhu!
And I am back to this freakin' place (I bet you know what/where I mean). T_T
But it will be my last sem here. wee~ ( harap xda subjek nok sangkut la. hehe.)
it's a new year, then I will have a new brand me! Makin rajin? Makin sopan? Makin baik? hmm.. naah! I think I'll stick to my old me. hee~
But I'll try my very best to struggle hard-er for this sem! huhu! Oh well, last sem katakan.
All the best for me. ( & you too!!)

p/s: Today I met a person that shouldn't called a person! I think I hate him. Nah, I do hate him! Huh! Now I know how my friends felt about him. Hey YOU! GTH! There's no need for you to act like that you are so powerful or what ! As if you're a minister or something. Huh! YOU'RE A JERK!! I bet even a stray dog outside there are better than YOU! blueerrrkkkk!!!

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