Monday, October 5, 2009

Here goes,

Venue: Grand Continental Hotel, Kuching

Well said. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yesterday was my course dinner, which it must, should, have to, ought to be held once a year. Sort of tradition for us, the students and lecturers of Plant Science. And this will be my last dinner. (huhuhu, xplu mok gago sal hal tok gk, hikhik).

Emilda (macam artist yuhh~) What i want to say is, she's damn so beautiful that night.

Amen yg kiut~ (setakat tok ada 4 org suka gamba tok, d FB. tehee~)

With CT Rahmah.

Bollywood + Org Ulu + Western = tok la jd nya


Pretty Siaw Hua

Sweet Ruoh Cheng

Beautiful girls~

Bidayuh girl


Some "girl actions" in a place called TOILET! ahakz

isk. isk. isk.

Ancai. (tukang nyanyi that nite, hee)

With one of the most sporting lecturer, Prof Zin. ( He & Ancai sang(karaoke) the Raya song!)

Hot Couple! Both are my lecturers. LOL~

That were some of the food that have been served. Not really nyaman, but boleh kenyang la juak mkn suma ya. LOL!

Last but not least, the KING & QUEEN OF THE NIGHT.

Cute couple! Haha~

Hmm. Those were some of the pics that I took last night. cukup la kan? mls mok upload byk2. hehe.
Oh ya! Almost forgot, last night was super sucked! Just before I (and Amen, ct n syafa) off to the hotel, it was raining (heavily)! Darn~ (buang karan jak mek org make up kck2, percuma hancur kna hujan ya. T_T ) Anyway, we managed to touch up back our make up! hehe.

K la, i think that's all from me.

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