Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm screwed!

Today, I have my "Experimental design" test. I sucked! Darn. All the questions are f****** hard! & the time (1 and a half hour only) is not enough, which there are 20 objective questions and 4 structures which have sub-questions! (cgek solan, pelu setengah jam molah, gla ka apa!)

Dr. I : Ok, habis masa. Semua org hantar.
Everyone : " Dr, lom siap gik tok..objektif pun lom jwb gik."

Pheww.. At that time, I felt a bit relieved, cause I'm not alone! The others also are having the same situation. Haha! But I totally screwed my paper just now! Arghhh....

How I wish I can send my paper and write like this;

Hehe... Cute aite? It's a good tip what. Who knows it might work for you to get extra marks. Haha! (ada lecturer ku terbebek nangga paper ku mun ku tulis camya, haha)

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