Sunday, October 25, 2009


Its so sad when you and your loved one are far apart from each other.
It's so sad when you only get to see him/her only through the pictures.
It's so sad when you only get to talk with him/her only through the phone.
It's so sad when you needed him/her the most, but he/she weren't there for you, not because he/she doesn't want,
but because of the distances.

Yup, he's the one who i missed the most! ;'(

Oh! I hate long distances relationship! Darn~
Sorry peeps, I'm emo. Again.

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Amalina E Azmi said...

tok gk sedih deng

it's so sad..

when ur loved one ignored u

when he never wants to listen anythg from u anymore

when he said messaging and sticking together for 24hrs is sucks

when he said that we shud have a day off. (means no calls, no messaging n such)

when he said he needs time to get things decent though u did give him times for himself

when he said that u r a queen control
but u never meant to do so
u did give spaces to him so that he could enjoy boyish stuffs with his men

when he said that all u did to him are wrong

but for you:
..i didnt meant for 24hrs
..i never want a day off but i just want to get closer to u since we r far apart
..i just want u to know that u r da 1 for me
..i never stop u from doing things dat u loved to do
..i want u to realize. even i got too much stuffs to hold on to. but still i never complained about my 'every second' i spent for u, for the rest of my life

huh..sedih eh lyn