Thursday, October 1, 2009

What i've called "The-girls-day-out!"

Best! Best! Best! Y?
Hmm.. Lazy to type lar. hehe. So damn tired and exhausted. So, just scroll down and check out some of the pics that I (and my friend, nana) took, k? and I'll try to explain briefly. ngee~

First, me n my friends went to the super save store. Check out the things there. Me and Amen were interested at this stickers! Damn so cute~

Funny thing is, we found this thing! LOL! sapa la mok bli bnda tok? I know i won't! Would u? hahahaha...

Then, went to the Everise BDC, sempat gk pegi area buah-buahan. Teringat ngan assignment Dr Sepiah ya la~ LOL!

And so, we reached to a shop, hmm, I forgot la the name of the shop, green something2.. Oh, well, for now, I'll call it the-very-damn-cute-shop! mmg cute2 brg cya! hehe.. This are some of the things...

Cute teddy bears~

Unique & super cute lil shoes~

More cute bears~~

cool telephone~ classic one tho. hehe..

Pretty decorations. They put the plants in a glass jar and put some colourful sand inside it. Very nice!

Tags for bags! Interesting words aite? I like~

Cactus that we bought especially for our lecturers~

Part of the shop

Check this out! Cool huh? huhu... ada la jakun sebentar, tehee~

Introducing---- Amen & Nana

Actually, we are not allowed to sit on the carpets, haha! well, who cares~

Nana, Melda & Pat..

Happy three friends~~ eh salah, FIVE lahh...;)

Another cute shop at Kenyalang Park~ love the dolls!!

Oh ya! Me & Amen found this sandals.. & both of us fell in love with 'em! Pic above: Amen wanted this sandal..(sabar k men, lak kta sama2 pg curik, opss.. beli..) hehe

And..and..and...THIS is the one that i WANT!! gonna get it soon!! hahaa

After surveying, seeing, watching, looking and bought all the things that we needed, we ended up at the KFC!! lapar gila doh..( sorry, no pics. damn too hungry, so don't bother to take any pics! concentrate on the HOT & SPICY CHICKEN peeps! LOL~)

p/s: Sorry for the blurred pics, k? besala, hp burok ba, x kdk tkorg, ada camera canggih2. pa jak la ku tok. heks! And...(dgn nada yg excited) I bought a short pant and a black belt that i've been craving for. hehe. (malas mok upload gmba, lak tkorg jeles..hahahaha...)

That's all.

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Gnet said...

i like the tags for bags!!! get one for me!!! post ctok!! haha

XxrLyn_rAwksxX said...

sure, can ba gnet... hehehe...
ur add plz..heheh..
which 1 u want? ;D